Administrator- Mrs. Julie Laflamme

Director- Mr. Mark Hoheisel 

Youth Minister- Mr. Jesse Zajac

Book-keeper- Mrs. Joyce Weiss

Times & Days

First Grade- Monday's 1:00-2:00

Second Grade- Monday's 2:00-3:00

Third Grade-Thursday's 2:00-3:00

Fourth Grade- Tuesday's 2:00-3:00

Fifth Grade- Tuesday's 2:00-3:00

Sixth Grade- Wednesday's 2:00-3:00

Kindergarten- Friday's 1:30-2:30

2019-2020 Teaching staff

First Grade- Bernice Marshik, Mark Hoheisel, Jesse Zajac, Grace Studniski, Phyllis Hoheisel, Marlene Przybilla

Second Grade-Hilde Flicker, Mr. Hoheisel, Mr. Zajac, Grace Studniski, Mary Kimman

Third Grade- Mickey Young, Grace Studniski, Nita Hayes, Mark Hoheisel

Fourth Grade-Patty Commerford, Grace Studniski, Jesse Zajac

Fifth Grade-Carolyn Boser, Mark Hoheisel, Jesse Zajac

Sixth Grade- Geri Kasper, Jesse Zajac, Mr. Hoheisel

Seventh Grade- Mr. Zajac

Eighth Grade- Mrs. Laflamme

Ninth Grade- Mrs. Laflamme

Tenth Grade- Mrs. Laflamme

Eleventh Grade- Mr. Zajac & Mrs. Laflamme


Mrs. Laflamme is the Administrator of Father Pierz School of Religion. She has 3 children and lives in Little Falls. She has been employed at Father Pierz for thirteen years.  Mrs. Laflamme likes to spend time with her children and enjoys playing sports at Youth group on Wednesday nights. She invites anyone who would like to come to join in on Wednesday's from 7-9pm. The youth group schedule is listed on this site under youth group. Check it out.  Mrs. Laflamme's birthday is August 4th

 Joyce Weiss is the book-keeper at Father Pierz. Joyce belongs to the Lastrup parish and her and her husband, Leon live in Lastrup. Joyce enjoys singing and is the director of the choir in Lastrup.  Joyce has been employed with the school for over 28 years. Thanks to Joyce for all she does. Her Birthday is April 26th

Mr. Hoheisel has been teaching at Father Pierz for 20 years. He and his son reside in Pierz. Mr. Hoheisel enjoys seeing the children at religion. He is always willing to help and enjoys seeing the children even when not at school. He also enjoys biking, camping and spending time with his family. Mr. Hoheisel is a member of St. Joseph's church in Pierz.

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